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  • At Cat Paradise, we have been building our reputation as a trusted Cat Breeder in Orange County since we bred our first animals back in 2015. We take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our pets. That’s why the happiest days for us are when one of our animals is adopted by a loving and welcoming family. We have a different kinds of breed 


Terms of Contract

1. A non-refundable deposit of 200$ is required for purchase of the cat/kitten. The deposit includes in the price of the kitten/cat.

2. Payment for the cat must be provided in the form of cash, Zelle or Venmo . The payment shall be made in U.S. currency. The purchaser will pay all travel and shipping expenses.

3. The buyer agrees that the kitten will be spayed/neutered by the time the kitten reaches five lbs. or six months of age, whichever comes first, at buyer’s expense.

Ragdoll Cat

Health Guarantee

The seller guarantees the kitten to be in good health at the time of purchase for a period of 48 hours. It will be the responsibility of the purchaser to have the kitten examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours. Within that 48 hour period, if found to be seriously medically deficient, the seller will take the kitten back and refund payment, less the deposit and any shipping charges, under the following conditions: the seller is provided with proper documentation, from a licensed veterinarian, stating the medical issue and that the cat is seriously medically deficient; a second examination by a veterinarian of the seller’s choice corroborates these claims. This cat/kitten is not guaranteed against respiratory disease, fleas, ringworms or any nuisance disease. After the 48 hour period, the seller can no longer guarantee the cat’s health, except for birth defects.

The seller guarantees the cat against lethal genetic or congenital defects for 6 months following the date of purchase. If, during these 6 months, the cat should die or have to be destroyed due to a genetic or congenital defect, the seller will replace the cat/kitten with a cat/kitten at the seller’s earliest convenience, should the following conditions be met: the purchaser provides the seller with a necropsy by a licensed impartial Veterinary Pathologist, at the purchaser’s expense, stating that the cause of death is unquestionably a genetic or congenital defect; a second examination by a veterinarian of the seller’s choice corroborates these claims.

Seller assumes no liability or responsibility for any veterinary care for this cat after the purchaser takes possession of said cat. Under no circumstances will the seller be responsible for any veterinary bills incurred by the purchaser.


Our Pets

Quality Guaranteed

We want to make sure you are completely satisfied by your choice of pet. All of our animals come fully registered and vet certified. They undergo a wellness exam, have all the required vaccinations





Ben and Mila











Our Parents:

Natali and John

Susan and Alex









After researching for the perfect Maine coon breeder, we found Cats Paradise. We could not be happier with our experience. From the first time we contacted Viktoria, she was happy to answer all of our questions and concerns (and we had a lot). He walked us through every step of the process, and provided us with all of the information we needed, before bringing our kitten home.

Quinn Davis

Timati has been the most amazing cat, and I know that is because of how he was raised and treated his first few months. Charlie has a great temperament, a beautiful coat, and a wonderful personality. We never worried once about bringing Timati home to live with us and our 4 year old son.

Sandy Williams

I had always wanted a Scottish Fold, my husband and I searched and did a lot of research into their breed and what we should look for in a breeder, i came across Cats Paradise and i knew i had found the right breeder. We drove up to Orange County and met a lot of adorable kittens, when we saw our little fur baby I fell in love, we had talked about getting 2 babies with non folded ears but when i saw Chanel my heart melted, we were able to take our baby girl home and she has been a constant delight ever since, she is such a beautiful little fur baby. We are so thankful for Cats Paradise for our beautiful little girl.

Casey Johnson


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